Race Office Hours

Race Office Hours:
Sunday: 9am- 11:30am
Monday & Tuesday: 8am-1pm
Wednesday & Thursday: Closed
Friday: 9am– 1pm
Saturday: 1 pm-4:30pm

Phone: 518.581.5860
Fax: 518.581.5890

For Official Racing Photos, contact:
Jessica Hallett

Important Contacts

P.J. Iovino
Race Secretary
Phone: 518-584-2110 ext. 5660

Nancy McAssey 
Program Manager/Charter
Phone: 518-584-2110 ext. 5661

Deborah Crawford
Race Office Assistant
Phone: 518-584-2110 ext. 5662

Vicki L. May
Horsemen’s Bookkeeper
Phone: 518-581-5738

Draw Schedule

Please see Condition Sheet for draw days and box closing times.


Training Hours

Main Track
Monday – Saturday:
6:00am-1:00pm (weather permitting)

Jog Track
Sunday – Saturday:
6:00am-1:00pm (weather permitting)

First qualifiers of the 2023 season will be held on Tuesday, January 31.
All other qualifiers will be held before the races on Saturdays.

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