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Friday Selections- October 9th 

Race 1: 6- Big Dee: Connection change for this one who finds a soft spot; 3- TR Connor: Trotted 2:00 to be second from post eight, major danger off the move in; 1- Luck Comes N Goes: Distant third in a slow mile, moves all the way in; 2- Financial Focus

Race 2: 4- Anything I Want: Big time class drop for this one who hasn’t been sharp but set a lifetime mark only two months ago; 1- Eve: Often a runner up but rarely a winner, rail with fresh Aldrich; 3- Terror To Cam: On the board in three of her last four; 7- Notorius Terror

Race 3: 1- Nesh Cruiser: Moves to the rail off a solid fourth in his local debut, call here; 5- You Don’t Know Art: Caught in 1:54 mile last week, in a better spot tonight; 2- Justice Department: Usually ends up in the top four but has lacked winning pop; 4- Rock Market

Race 4: 6- Tapit: Back to Dobson who has gotten along well with her; 1- Autumn Estelle: Pulled off the upset in career best fashion on the engine at 11-1; 2- Stealth Swan: Proved worthy in this class when second last time; 7- Mickey’s Dream

Race 5: 7- Tropical Storm Bi: Can go last to first here if there’s some speed to set the table; 1- Showmeyourguns: Speed and the rail; 2- Timmy T: Chance to wire these if he has smooth sailing on the lead; 6- Redneck Royalty

Race 6: 1- Need Help Here: Romped against some of these in his best seasonal outing, pole control; 4- S F Ciro: Jogged out of town after a solid second to the top one; 9- Breewood Brier: Certain factor for a piece; 6- Spicey Victor

Race 7: 5- Kaitlyn Rae: A speed demon at Yonkers who loves to win, can wire these; 1- La Fiesta: Fast third in her best local showing yet, threat from the pole; 2- Campanile: Coming off a scratch after a solid second as the favorite; 3- Bettorhaveanother

Race 8: 2- Bell On Wheels: Big time class drop into a winning spot; 3- Auf Wiedersehen: If she can get the pocket trip, she has a big chance for second; 4- Clara Bea: Drops along with the top one while not sharp at all; 1- Transit Hanover

Race 9: 6- Stage It Right: Romped from the rail against many of these last week, call to repeat; 9- Purity: Runner up to the top one when they squared off; 1- Hathaway Anne: Strong first over winner in last but moves up; 4- Two Heart

Race 10: 5- My Spring Fling: Runner up in two straight, finds a winning spot for Aldrich; 3- Deliciouslynaughty: Second start back and some post relief, should improve; 4- Whimsies: Closed well for fourth in her debut at this level; 8- Little Santamonica

Race 11: 5- Gianni: Has the ability to win this series, breaks are what can beat him; 2- Algorithm: Consistently on the board but has lacked winning pop lately; 1- Bad Cantab: Rail for a good piece; 3- Scarlatti

Race 12: 8- Here Comes Harlee: She’s faster than these but the post is the hazard, maybe some value in a wide open race; 1- Seafood Missy: Strong closer who has had some breaking problems; 4- Babe In The City: Had several thirds in her local starts, not sharp right now; 2- Rockn On The Beach

Race 13: 5- Patient ID: Jogged from post eight in her local debut, big chance to repeat; 3- Ladyone: Cruised to her first win of the year, clear threat to the top one; 2- Legion Of Doom: Closed for third from yet another outside post, moves in tonight; 8- Gogh Gogh

Best Bets: Bell On Wheels, 8th                      Stage It Right, 9th 


Saturday Selections- October 10th 

Race 1: 4- Major Player: Runner up in two straight as the favorite, slim edge to get it done here; 5- Cruzing Hill: Broke his maiden convincingly last week, top one’s top threat; 1- We Think Alike: Rail for a piece; 2- Captain American

Race 2: 9- I Am Will: Has had plenty of late pace when a runner up in three of his last four, ready to win; 1- Suits: Strong second last time, pole control; 2- Union League: Inside journey for minor spoils; 5- Bankin On Bomb

Race 3: 6- Joltin Colt: Sharp first over winner for a hot barn, chance to repeat; 1- Bondy N: The clear odds on favorite but has been off over three weeks; 4- Mccabe Hall: On the board in four straight; 2- Racketeer

Race 4: 4- Good Win Earl: Class relief for a horse a tick faster than these; 3- Jus Like A Virgin: Consistently on the board including in a fast local try; 6- Victory Ahead: Consistently paces 1:54, closes sharply here; 1- Earthshaker

Race 5: 7- Dinner Guest: Consistent force both locally and out of town, beat many of these last week; 1- Jolly Jubiter: Moves to the rail off a much improved second; 2- See You Smile: Got tracked down after moving up off a 1:52 victory; 5- Mayfield Hanover

Race 6: 9- Beginner’s Luck: Looking for an upset in a wide open race; 7- Titus Seelster: Hasn’t been sharp but don’t be surprised to see him upset these; 3- It’s a Good Thing: Has the resume to be the favorite at this level but rarely wins one locally; 4- Kid Courageous A

Race 7: 5- JK Panache: Has regressed a bit after winning his first four starts in the local Open, gets it back rolling; 4- Burkentine Hanover: On the board in all five starts in this feature; 2- Martial Bliss: Has been flying home of late; 6- Panocchio

Race 8: 6- Southwind Terror: First start out of the Beckwith barn, has the class to handle these; 8- Big Bambu: The post is the only hazard for this one who is having another terrific year; 4- Matt Major: Has been some impossible spots of late; 1- RD Donethat

Race 9: 5- Mister Skitter: He’s got a serious brush to him, can swoop this group; 4- Casimir Lawman: Threat with early speed; 1- Heaven Is For Real: Steps up while razor sharp; 3- Jack Attack

Race 10: 3- Major Trick: Back down out of the Open after setting a lifetime mark the previous week; 1- Meetyouatmidnight: The one to beat off the move to the rail; 8- Memory Game: Not sure how the trip will be but trying to sneak this one in for third; 2- Quick Art

Race 11: 5- Someplace Special: Facing tons better at Yonkers but with little success, could wake up on the lead here; 3- Moveoutofmyway: No chance from post eight in his local tries, will be a threat to the top one; 2- Winds Of Terror: Could be a bit outclasses by the top two; 4- Legal Litigator

Race 12: 7- Starznheaven: Fast thirds in two in a row vs. better, call for Coppola; 5- Ittakestwobaby: Will look to flash his early speed; 5- Clown’s Smile: Beaten favorite in two straight from the rail, vulnerable again; 4- Western Captive

Race 13: 8- Pastapalooza: Scored in his lone local try, edge to overcome post eight; 9- Montera: The clear favorite off back to back jacks; 1- Bettor On Top: Speed and the rail to be close again but has taken a lot of money and hasn’t won recently; 4- Shooby Said

Best Bets: Starznheaven, 12th                   Mister Skitter, 9th


Sunday Selections- October 11th 

Race 1: 8- Fear The Football: The class of the group drew post eight, give him a shot anyways; 4- Willin Dylan: Local first timer is the race’s wild card; 1- Wishin Iwas Fishin: Third best after fading on the lead, can happen again; 2- Duluth

Race 2: 2- Jetomatt: Has faced better out of town, inside her major dangers in this one; 5- Glow Boat: Runner up in three of her last four locally, major danger; 6- Ocean Devoation: Beaten at odds on in back to back tries; 3- Stky Fngrs Hanover

Race 3: 4- Long Story Short: Beaten favorite last week after a dominant stretch, slim edge in a wide open race; 6- B L Class Act: Invader has been third in two straight while fading late, value play; 1- Cinnabar Hall: Could get overbet; 2- Im Not Vanilla

Race 4: 7- Jelectric: Third in 1:57 last week, chance to outclose these; 2- Gimme The Loot: Consistently on the board but rarely has won recently; 5- Hallanet: In the outer flow; 1- Insider Access

Race 5: 1- Fox Valley Steffen: On the board in six straight without a win but may have found his spot today; 2- Our Priority: The clear favorite off three straight wins but off three weeks is worrisome; 3- The Big Thea Thea: Second or third in four in a row; 4- Northern Matador

Race 6: 9- KS Hall: Made a break last time after cruising to victory for Devaux in his previous try, call; 3- Cashamatic: Runner up in two straight before drawing post eight last week; 8- Deadhead Royalty: Adds value to the triple from post eight; 6- Guadeloupe Hanover

Race 7: Bourbon Bay: One of the winningest trotters in the country makes his local debut, chance at value; 5- Jimmer: Has been dealing with a lot of seven holes; in a striking spot today; 6- Zoey De Vie: Almost always on the board; 2- Gaelic And Garlic

Race 8: 6- Sixth Man: Steps up after airing at 1-5, big shot to repeat; 1- Jacks To Open: Draws the rail in his return to town; 2- Celebrity Bluechip: Veteran is a factor from the inside; 9- Photo Mass

Race 9: 7- Powerful Valor: Dominant winner at odds on against cheaper in his return, can keep getting better; 2-Massive Talent: Just beat a similar bunch from the same post at 1-5; 3- The Lindy Treaty: We’ll keep picking him to hit the board until he doesn’t once; 9- Shes A Castoff

Race 10: 2- Twisted Pretzel: Putting together an extremely consistent stretch, slim edge in a wide open race; 4- Lucid Thoughts: Consistent threat in his own right, maybe the major danger; 8- Stirling Cadet: Drops just two week after pulling off the upset in the Open; 1- Just Like Lloyd

Race 11: 8- No Recess: The fastest of the group drew post eight, chance at a price; 4- Jack’s Reef: Returns to town following back to back jacks at Freehold; 6- Tagmaster: Can get a piece if he behaves; 5- Mario Bi

Race 12: 9- Glorious Gloria: Wrapped up winner last week, can handle the step up; 1- JK Pearls Delight: On the board in three of her last four without a win; 2- Delightfully Mine: Back to the inside today; 3- Letsgosomewhere

Race 13: 5- Casanova Lindy: Jogged in his lone local try in the Billings, call in the finale; 4- Lenny Mac: Has rediscovered the winning way at Monty, the one to beat; 1- Montana Skies: Speed and the rail; 2- Wygant Prince

Best Bets: KS Hall, 6th                             Fox Valley Steffen, 5th 

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